Friday, 30 September 2011

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Photo: The blue roof of the Greek Orthodox churches, set against the white of almot everything else make for some great photos - but it's difficult to get a good angle. Lots of power lines everywhere!

Day 42: Santorini

The day started with a relaxed breakfast on our terrace overlooking the caldera. Pretty hard to take, but somebody’s got to try to help the Greek economy. We’re doing our bit to help. After breakfast we walked to Imerovigli, the next village to the north. We caught the bus back to Fira (the biggest village and the one south of us) and caught the cable car to the Old Port. We had a huge lunch of fresh calamari then headed up the hill again. The kids rode a mule, while Carol and I walked up – a vertical climb of about 250m. The idea was to get the kids on the mule, then get ahead of them to get a photo. Hmmm. As soon as they were on the mule it was off up the hill. There was no way we were going to get ahead of them. So much for a photo opportunity.
When we got back we cooled off in the tiny pool before catching the local bus to Ia, the town at the northwestern tip of the island, to watch the sunset. The sunset wasn’t spectacular (not enough cloud) but the soft light on the buildings made for some nice photos (I hope – haven’t checked them yet).
Finally back to Firaotephani (our village) for pizza and bed.

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Anonymous said...

Hi still sounds bloody brilliant I don't think you will want to come back......long weekend now and we have Meyers here and get together with foggos - Canadian reunion you could say. Sailing takes priority of course, race yesterday I was 10 mins, then falcon on 11, Tom nasty on 15 Roger on 18 and Wayne 19. Stuffed my start by 25 seconds but lead the race up until the last leg when falcon overtook but I managed to be first over the line. However the falcon and I went round n3 instead of n4 so were disqualified .....buggar but I was happy got all my tacks and wind just right. Not sure how today will go gale force here raining all night cold it must bey birthday soon! Simon will be there on 8 oct I am at coast for girls weekend we will catch you soon though love me 