Saturday, 3 September 2011

Canal at 'The Greyhound'

Photo: Canal boat at 'The Greyhound'

Day 15: York to Bedworth

After an unplanned circuit of York (these walled cities can be tricky to get out of) we headed south to Jim’s. In the afternoon we toured the Battle of Bodsworth site where King Richard III battled Henry Tudor and became the last British monarch to die on the battlefield. Actually, we toured the site where the heritage centre is located, which is the site previously believed to be the battle site, but recent archeological evidence suggests the actual battle site was a few miles away. Oops. But it was another fantastic heritage site.
In the evening we joined friends of Jim at a small pub, ‘The Greyhound’, on a canal for dinner. This was exactly the type of pub I was expecting to find in England.

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