Saturday, 17 September 2011

Piazza San Marco

Photo: Piazza San Marco from above.

Day 29: Venice to Rome

Today was a fairly quiet day. Up late, a trip to the top of the bell tower in St Mark’s Square – great view, and I found out while up there that this was the tower Galileo drop his weights from to show that acceleration due to gravity is equal on large and small masses. We then headed to the station ready for our train to Rome. On route we gave some pronunciation lessons to some yanks and generally relaxed. The scenery between Florence and rome is pretty good. Lots of little villages, rolling hills and vineyards.
Once in Rome we were collected at the station and taken to our hotel, which is just around the corner from the Spanish Steps. A quick walk to investigate the area, then back to the room to catch up on some email and blogs.  

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