Monday, 5 September 2011

Blenheim Palace

Photo: Blenheim Palace

Day 17: Blenheim Palace

Down toward Oxford to see Blenheim palace today. We’ve seen lots of castles but none of the stately homes England has to offer. We’d been told that Blenheim was one of the best, so we headed down to check it out. It didn’t disappoint. As Australians, where everybody is more or less equal (or at least has the opportunity to be more or less equal if they work hard), it’s hard to get my mind around this kind of wealth and privilege.
At the palace we also attempted their  hedge maze – the second biggest in the world apparently. It was great fun and not particularly easy. Carol was standing on a tall platform attempting to tell us where tyo go. Only problem with that is that from up there you couldn’t see all the dead ends – so she sent us the wrong way a few times.
Dinner was at ‘The Gurkha’ Nepalese restaurant. Fantastic!

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