Thursday, 22 September 2011

To Greece...

Photo: Superfast Ferry to Greece

Day 34: Naples to the ferry to Greece

Very quiet day today, catching the train from Naples to Bari, and then awaiting the departure of the ferry to Greece. One interesting moment was when the taxi driver from the station to the port thought we wanted to go to the airport. A bit of sign language and it was sorted before we went too far in the wrong direction.
Today was the last of the Eurail pass. It was great travelling by train. The stations were all easy to navigate, the trains all comfortable, the service much better than we expected and every train ran to time. I’m sure Australian train operators could learn a few things. Give me any station in Italy over Sydney Central any day.
Tonight we spend on the ferry, arriving in Patras tomorrow. The ferry is full of semi-trailers and truck drivers. There would be more truckies than regular passengers.


Anonymous said...

We simply love reading your blog, you certainly are making the most of every moment - Congratulations.
Lachy's heirarchy of churches is spot on in our view. I guess the Cambewarra and Mangrove church are a little bit low key now.
I know exactly what you mean about the "Queens" guy. Almost all New Yorkers that I know sound like gangsters. The Italian influence
there is alive and well still.
G & G.
ps. We are in the final days of our trip - boo hoo...

Anonymous said...

Glad to continue to read about your trip. Remember these are the good ole days you are living right now.....and it sure is fun to spend the kids inheritance....with them. Last day of school for us going skiing tomarrow.