Saturday, 1 October 2011


Photo: A local checks out a tourist at his favourite taverna. I love this type of shot, but it's always hard to catch the moment.

Day 43: Santorini

We decided to see the other side of the island today, away from the touristy glitz. We caught the local bus to Kamari on the east coast. The landscape is very different, with gently sloping volcanic fields and then a largesteep sedimentary outcrop which drops off into the sea. After exploring the black sand beach at Kamari, finding a cache and dropping off some travel bugs, we caught a bus up to the base of Ancient Thira, the original city on the island dating from 1650BC, and had a look around the ruins. From there we walked down the other side of the ridge to the town of Perissa, even less touristy with great food at really cheap prices. Lunch for the 4 of us cost a whole 10 euro! From there we attempted to catch the bus back to Fira, but of course it didn’t turn up. We ended up catching a taxi. 100m down the road after getting in the taxi the bus turned up. Oh well. Compulsory drinks on the terrace, then a quiet night.

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