Sunday, 25 September 2011


Photo: Hermes

Day 37: Olympia to Delphi

The day started with a tour of the Olympia Museum and the Olympia Archaeological site. This is definitely a place where a guide makes all the difference. Working out your Zeus from your Apollo, Nike from Athena would be tricky if not for an explanation of what you’re looking at.
At the archaeological site our guide, Meletsa, organized an official Olympic race in the original stadium. Lachlan won the race and was awarded the wreath of olive leaves in an ancient ceremony as his reward. We also managed to find a geocache nearby – our first in Greece.
After we left Olympia we headed north, back through Patra (where the ferry came in a few days ago), over the iconic Rio bridge, and on toward Delphi. The road follows the north side of the Bay of Corinth, and then rises sharply as you approach Delphi. The scenery in this area is spectacular – both along the bay and as you climb. Delphi is only a small town, perched on the edge of a mountain with a ski field just above and the bay just below, with huge areas of olive grove in between. I didn’t realize there were ski fields in Greece (just like many of the people we have spoken to didn’t know there were ski fields in Australia).

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Hi what an amazing trip you are having, just fabulous look toward to seeing all the pics .... The ones on the blog site are great . Can you believe I went skiing on the weekend and it snowed there was plenty of snow no wind and no queues. Jane my Old neighbor had a spare spot $200 accommodation plus perisher ski lift tickets I definitely didn't have to be asked twice. So glad your going to be home in time for my birthday ... lol