Saturday, 24 September 2011

Lion Gate

Photo: Lion Gate - Mycenea - 1600BC
Day 36: Athens to Olympia

First day of our 4 day tour of mainland Greece. It’s hard to get your mind around the age of this place. We visited an amphitheatre built in the 4th century BC, capacity 11000, where the acoustics were so good that you could hear a coin drop on the ground from the back row. An Mycean acropolis dating back to 1600BC, a beehive shaped treasury as old as the pyramids. I’ll need to go back over the details to refresh my memory, but the overall impression is beyond my comprehension.
We finished the day in Olympia, but haven’t yet seen the Olympic site. On the way we passed through the Kalamata district. 7 million olive trees. From the ridge above all you could see was olives groves. Amazing.
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