Monday, 12 September 2011

Photo: Old Lucerne by Night

Day 24: Paris to Lucerne

Started the Eurail pass today, travelling from Paris to Basil, then on to Lucerne. The train was great. The 4 hour trip only seemed to take half that time. Jane, our wonderful neighbor and travel agent has done such a good job organizing everything.
After arriving at Lucerne station it was an easy 10 minute walk to our hotel in the old city. Another great location. We did the usual walk to orient ourselves before finding ourselves in an Irish pub. Again. Lachie and I went for a night photo walk. Lach took some great shots, which we’ll upload at some stage. Another great city. The weather is clear so the backdrop of the mountains is just amazing. Can’t wait to get out and about tomorrow. Maybe a boat trip on the lake?

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Anonymous said...

Switzerland he you come and to the top of the exciting it's really going so well from what your blog says cannot wait to see the pics over a wine or two love to all Katrina 