About Experiment XY

Experiment XY started life as an experimental blog. A place where I could learn about the art and science of blogging. It had no real purpose. Just a sandbox really.

In 2011, when I was about to begin my Photo-a-day project Experiment XY became the venue. Why start a new blog space when the old one works just fine. Delete a few old posts and away I go. Then the name issue comes up in my mind. Do I change it or leave it as is. I decide to leave it. The Photo-a-day project is just as much an experiment as the original use of the site. Only with more direction and purpose.

As I write this (early January 2011) Experiment XY is closely tied to my picasa site, but as I continue to experiment, I'll be attempting to post directly from my phone. My first attempt at this will be via pixelpipe, a free blogging app for nokia phones. Looks good, but time will tell. It also means I'll need to check out the camera features of my phone more thoroughly. So far I've only really used it when I've been caught short without my 'real' camera.

So, what gear am I using? The camera's a Canon 400D dSLR, with a 18-55mm zoom for wide angle and a 75 - 300mm zoom for telephoto. On camera flash (because I can't afford a real one.) Basic editing in Picasa (great software - free download). More complex edits in Photoshop.

The phone is a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic running Symbian OS S60. The camera in the phone is a 3.2 megapixel camera (2048 x 1536 pixels), Carl Zeiss optics, 3x digital zoom, Dual LED flash. (No, I didn't know all that. I had to look it up.) One thing I really like about this camera/phone is that photos can be automatically geotagged. When these photos are uploaded to Picasa, a map is displayed showing where the photo was taken. [Edit: I've just been playing with the geotagging. Turns out that photos that are uploaded straight from phone to picasaweb via pixelpipe - the geotagging data is lost. Phone to picasa on computer (via bluetooth) and then to picasaweb and everything is fine. Go figure.]

Since you have found my site (no matter the means) then I'd love you to comment on my photos, and the site in general.



CoZZa said...

Excellent site Col. A suggestion might be to include the Specs of the Camera(s) in this About page. Give them an idea on what you are using to get the magnificent images.

Col said...

Thanks Corey. Great idea. Done.