Thursday, 1 September 2011

Hunterston Broach

Photo: The Hunterston Broach

Day 13: Edinburgh

Caught the bus into Edinburgh to meet up with Carol’s friend Arthur. We then went off to the Scottish National Museum to try to find the Hunterston Broach we’d heard about in Largs. We found it quickly – it’s one of their star attractions at the museum – and had a good chat to the attendant of the section in the museum. He told us that the last time the Broach was sold was in the 1800’s and it sold for £500. Imagine what it might be worth today! It was much bigger than I expected – about 10cm across.
We then looked around some of the rest of the museum, but couldn’t really do it justice in the time we had.
Next stop was Holyrood House Palace for the girls and Arthur and a few geocaches for the boys. I particularly wanted to find the cache down behind the Castle. I put a travel bug there to start it’s journey and hopefully get back to Australia one day.
Lunch at a typical pub, some souvenir shopping then a quick look at the National Gallery of Scotland. IN the evening we headed down to the docks to look at the Britannia, which has been here since it was retired about 10 years ago. Doesn’t really seem to be a very fitting place for such a ship to spend the rest of it’s days.
Overall, Scotland has been fantastic. So much to see, so much to learn, so little time.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, love reading your blogs and seeing your pictures - sounds like you are having an awesome time! Keep having fun!
Emma, Scott, Chloe and Harry