Friday, 16 September 2011

Venice Morning

Photo: Venice morning

Day 28: Venice

My day started with an early morning photo walk to a near deserted St Mark’s Square, leaving the rest of the family sleeping. What a lovely time of day.
After breakfast we were walking to the vaporetto (ferry/bus) wharf to go to Murano Island when we were approached by a man offering a free trip to Murano and a glass factory. Being suspicious we asked lots of questions, but it turned out he was representing the tourist board and they run promotions to get tourists to go to Murano to see the traditional craftsmen at work. Much of the glassware sold in Venice is not actually produced locally, but is mass produced in China. The trip was great – we caught a water taxi to Murano via the back canals (rather than the route around the island that the vaporetto would have taken), got a tour of a factory producing chandeliers and then we were free to roam around the island, looking at other shops and factories, before catching the vaporetto back to St. Mark’s – all at no cost to us. Lots of souvenirs,  including some Murano glass Pandora – direct from Murano.
After a bit of a break we then wandered past a theatre where ‘Venezia, The History, The Show’ was due to begin in an hour. On the spur of the moment we bought tickets. It was a great show, explaining the history of Venice in a humourous but informative way. After the show we searched out a quick pasta (dinner at 10:30 – very European!) and back to the hotel.

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