Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Photo: Capri

Day 33: Capri

We hadn’t originally planned it, but today we headed for Capri. Local bus from the station to the port, then high speed ferry to Capri. On the ferry we booked a tour, taking us to the two towns on Capri – Anacapri and Capri – as well as a chair lift to the top of the island. What a fantastic place. The scenery, the history, everything. The tour started with a funicular rail trip up to the village of Capri. From there we picked up a bus and drove around the cliffline to the village of Anacapri. On the tour were four Americans from Flushing, Queens, New York. One of the women, Elaine,  sounded exactly like ‘The Nanny’ and the man, Jerry, sounded like he was straight out of a gangster movie. He was Italian, but had been in America since 1957. She was terrified of the cliff drive. When we pointed out that she was on the cliff side of the bus she almost died. They were constant entertainment throughout the day.
On the chairlift to the top of the island they were behind us. One the one hand we had this spectacular scenery and the peacefulness of the ride – with a running commentary from the Queens connection.
Another highlight was the boat trip around the island, with the souring cliffs, houses dotted all over the cliffs and the beautiful grottos. Too rough today to get into the Blue Grotto, but the Green and White were lovely. The kids loved the rough side of the island (OK, so did I). After the tour we did a bit of souvenir browsing and I just had to dip a hand in the Mediterranean.
Tired but happy we headed back to Naples, having had one of the best days so far – in the top 10 anyway!

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