Friday, 9 September 2011


Day 21: To Paris…

After battling the elevators at the Royal Cattle Yard, we decided to skip breakfast at the Royal Feeding Trough and instead head to St Pancras, a short walk from our hotel. On the walk we bought about 20 banana for £1 – beat that aussies! Finding the station and getting the train was all straight forward. The train trip was over in no time. It seems strange going from one country to another by train. No real passport formalities, just a stamp as we left UK, nothing when we entered France. After a longish walk to our hotel we set out on foot to get our bearings. The hotel is just down the road from the Opera House. We walked down to the river, then around to the Eiffel Tower. From there we jumped on the open top bus and toured a while before returning to the Opera area for a lovely dinner. The restaurant staff even sang happy birthday to me – in French of course.
Great city. Loving Paris so far!

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Bogan neighbour said...

Hi neighbours! Your photos are beautiful. I feel like I am doing the 'Internet Tour de Jour!' All is well back home, and everything is plodding along just fine. Have given Dommie a couple of cuddles so far. Haven't seen Cara more than 2 or 3 times. Got your postcard today. Thank you for that. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back. Stay safe and enjoy this beautiful time together. Jayne