Saturday, 8 October 2011


Photo: Surprise!

Day 50: Mid-air to home

The plane touched down in Sydney at exactly 6:00am, just as the curfew ends. We were the first plane into Sydney, so all the formalities were quick and painless. Once we headed out we were surprised to see Grandma and Grandpa standing waiting for us. What a lovely surprise. We sat for a while having a coffee with them before calling Simon (We wouldn’t all fit in G&G’s car) to join us. Back at the Roche house we caught up on some of what we had missed before heading home.
We have been so lucky with the timing of everything over the last week or so; More riots in Greece the day after we left, floods in 70% of Thailand – but not in the area we were, and airport strikes in Sydney which we missed by a day or two.
There was some talk about what we were most looking forward to when we got home; for Lachlan it was seeing Puppy and Domino, Carol said her own bed, I opted for a reliable shower and Lauren said nothing. She just wanted to keep travelling.
Lots of people will ask, “What was your favourite place?” It will be impossible to answer. So many great places, so many great experiences. I’m sure the kids have learnt more in the last 50 days than they could ever learn in 500 days of school. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when they start telling their friends and teachers about their experiences.
Overall – 50 days that we’ll always remember, always treasure.


Anonymous said...

Wow what an adventure. The memories will stay with you forever. I agree the best learning experience is travel . May you keep learning this way it is the best!! Wen

Steve said...

Well done guys, you did the travel bug proud by seeing so much. Very much appreciated reading these amazing blogs of what you had experienced :-)

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home! It has been a pleasure reading your daily happenings, it sounds like you all have had such a great time! Glad you are home safe and sound! Take Care
The Wood family

julie fraser said...

You have had a great time I can tell. Lauren and Lachy are old enough for it to be a life changing experience! Well done Hunters and glad you are back. Loved the pics and info... technology heh? I knew more about this trip than I ever told my Mum and Dad when I was travelling OS, trying to stay up late to make a phone call every week, often messing it up and waking them at 5am!

Anonymous said...

It was great to be able to surprise you all on your return into Sydney airport. We hope that this was the first of many great travelling expereiences both within Australia and overseas. The blogs and photos had us travelling with you day by day - thank you so much. We love you all dearly.
Grandma & Grandpa.

Anonymous said...

Grandpa can't even spell - perhaps he was so excited. G'ma.