Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Grand Palace

Photo: Grand Palace

Day 47: Bangkok

The slowest start we’ve had so far… 11am before everybody was awake. We headed straight to the Grand Palace. The taxi driver was full of useful and not so useful information. We found out that the king is very sick (possibly useful – but I’m not sure to who) and that the driver likes European cars (not so useful).
The Grand Palace is – Grand. Lauren loved it. It was so much bigger and grander than she was expecting. Unfortunately the Temple of the Emerald Buddha was closed today due to an event being set up (we think maybe the King’s birthday?) but we could still see inside from the outside. After we had a good look around we headed to the river where we caught a local river ferry with its extremely brief, jump-on-jump-off stops where it doesn’t even tie up to the wharf at some stops. Next form of transport was the ‘sky-train’ to get us back near the hotel, then walked the last bit, through the street stalls and markets. A swim and a poolside drink coled us off, before heading to the complimentary Thai dinner and Show, put on by the hotel.
The dinner was fantastic. Each person was served a variety of great Thai food, followed by traditional Thai dancing.

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