Sunday, 2 October 2011

Donkey or mule?

Photo: My new donkey (or mule?) friend

Day 44: Santorini to Athens

We found out this morning that our ferry back to Athens would leave at 8pm instead of 5pm, so we’re having a day in limbo – not enough time to organize anything, but too much time to sit around. We’re currently at the port, having a drink and watching the world go by. The kids and Carol had another donkey ride this morning while I stayed at the top to get photos. I think I made a new best friend. One of the donkeys came over to say hello while I was waiting. It was so friendly. We also checked out the archeological museum in Fira. It’s filled with all the items found at the ancient city that we visited yesterday. So much pottery in such good condition. The museum also had pottery from another site, dating back to 19th century BC. Wow. That’s old!


Anonymous said...

Ah yes the dumb asses of Greece.....Glad to see you continue to enjoy the warmth of it all as we continue to have daytime fires in yes the fireplace....still cold skiied the first weekend of school holidays.....a great record for you in the future when you forget where you have been...well done....don't rush home....

Anonymous said...

Hi just keeping you up to date with racing I won today yes that is more important that your travel blogs - not. Can't even imagine the pictures you are taking the obes on the blog are fantastic.... Are you running out of puff I am exhausted just reading the days activities and it's been going on fir 42 days ..... Imagine without so much history on your back door back in camberwarra you will catch up on some rest when home. You really gave seen and been everywhere how fabulous see you soon roches 