Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Salisbury Cathedral

Day 5: Portsmouth, Salisbury, Stonehenge, Lacock
After a huge English breakfast at our B&B in Southsea (Portsmouth), we headed off to the Portsmouth Historic Waterfront. Our first port of call was Nelson’s ‘Victory’. Wow. Unbelievable. We quickly checked out most of the other exhibits around the dock before heading off to Salisbury & Salisbury Cathedral. The kids rated this as there No. 1 church ever.
Next stop, Stonehenge. It’s hard to get your mind around this place. The why and how is just too much to comprehend.
We then had some difficulty finding accommodation. The plan was to head toward Bath and stay somewhere nearby. Bradford on Avon was the original plan, but after a few laps of the town (we were too late for the Tourist office!) we continued on. But what an awesome town. I wish we had time to go back and explore. We ended up in a village called Melksham. One place we tried had no family rooms available, so called around several others to try to find us something. Nothing available anywhere, so they added beds to one of their double rooms. Solved. They also suggested we check out Lacock, a 13th century village, entirely  preserved. Part of the Harry potter movies were filmed there. We had dinner in an old pub. A really old pub. Then, finally, internet access and a my first chance to update the blog.


Anonymous said...

wow, how fantastic, love reading your blog, hope this message gets to you all

Anonymous said...

Ah, now that I know it works, I will write more. So fantastic what you have done so interesting about HONG KONG disneyland.....we found it tricky around BATH as well, ended up in a convention sort of accomodation just walking distance outside the town....Lacock sounds fascinating will be intersesting to see if you make to you all

Anonymous said...

Finally have internet access again in outback Qld. Great stories so far and love the Disneyland experience. It's not just for kids - is it Colin...
Keep enjoying as much as you have to date. Love you all Mum & Dad.