Monday, 22 August 2011

It's a Small World

Day 3: Hong Kong Disneyland
An early start, making our way to Disneyland on the MTR – HK’s metro train system. Wow. So efficient, clean and cheap. The 45 minute, 3 train journey cost $HK56 (approx $AU7 for the whole family). We arrived at Disneyland before opening time, so had to wait a while to get in. As we were walking down Main St USA we were approached by Giselle, a Disney employee who was assigned the task of selecting the ‘Grand Marshalls’ for the day. She asked our names and where we were from, and asked us to return to City Hall at 12.15. We had no idea what we were in for.
We spent the morning exploring Tomorrowland (Space Mountain first up with only 5 minute wait), ‘It’s a Small World’ and a quick look through Fantasyland.
Back to City Hall to meet Giselle. Were were ushered into a private room, given complimentary mouse ears, personally embroidered with our names and a special certificate and Giselle explained. We were to ride on the Marshall truck at the lead of the grand parade, waving to the crowd. We were give big Mickey hands and off we went. What an experience! Talking to Giselle later we discovered that this was the first time she had chosen the Marshall’s. She is a student, studying tourism, living in the New Territories of northern Hong Kong. It takes her 2 hours each way to travel to work.
There were not many westerners at Disneyland. Giselle explained to us that most of the people there were from mainland China – not many Hong Kong people go to Disneyland. With so few westerners there, many of the Chinese found us fascinating. We were asked several times if they could take a photo of our kids with their kids. Many of the smaller children would stare at us while queuing or just as we walked by. At one time we stopped to put on sunscreen (it was seriously hot – maybe 35-40 and extreme humidity). Everyone that passed was looking. Some people even stopped to look or looked back over their shoulder after they passed.
In the afternoon we did Adventure land and a few shows – Lion King and ‘The Golden Mickey’. Both shows were just fantastic. By now it was beginning to get dark, so we just had to stay to see the place lit up. A few souvenirs, then back to the hotel. Big, hot day – but very memorable. Overall Hong Kong has been fantastic. Very friendly people, very organised and safe.

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Darcy Moore said...


My blonde girls had the same treatment at HK Disneyland. So many people wanted photos with them it seemed they were 'the princesses'.