Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Himalaya and Tibetan plataeu

Day 4: Hong Kong to Portsmouth
3.45 alarm for a 4.30 transfer to the airport. After a coffee and muffin we managed to leave Hong Kong with just $HK4 (about 50c) from the $7500 we exchanged at home. After a long day that included a 12 hour flight, a 2 hour drive, lots of waiting in various queues and a 9 hour time zone change, we worked out we had been on the go for just over 25 hours.
After arriving in Portsmouth we found our guest house, went for a short walk and had dinner at a pub in Southsea. Tired now. Goodnight.


julie fraser said...

If this is a pic from the plane it is amazing!

Col said...

It is a pic from the plane. It was amazing. I'm so glad it turned out so well.