Sunday, 21 August 2011

Jumbo Restaurant - Aberdeen Harbour Hong Kong

Day 2: Hong Kong
Awake early & keen to get into the day. First stop was breakfast in the hotel. Very classy. Next was a stroll down to Kowloon Hotel for the pickup for our HK Island tour. The tour included:-
·         Aberdeen, with a sampan ride. Contrast between rich and poor is as big here as anywhere I’ve any seen anywhere.
·         Stanley with its famous markets
·         A jewelry factory – have to keep the relations in business
·         Victoria Peak, with fantastic views over Hong Kong and Kowloon. From there we took the peak cable tram down. Rather than getting the bus back to the hotel we jumped off in Hong Kong and get ‘home’ on the old tram ($HK7 or about AU$0.90 for the 4 of us for a half hour trip) and the Star Ferry.
While Carol and the kids had a quick break at the hotel, I went off camera equipment shopping. It turned out that one of the recommended shops was right beside the hotel.
We had happy hour at the hotel bar (with a $400 bill) then walked uptown to the temple street night markets. We all got some ‘bargains’. Exhausted, we returned to the hotel and dined in-house at a German restaurant using the freebie vouchers we had been given at check-in.

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julie fraser said...

How did you possibly walk anyhere after a $400 happy hour. Would think you'd b=need an ambulance and a quick procedure in E.D! Photo is beautiful.